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Saints' Spotlight – Varsity Boys' Soccer Coach Sergio Durate

Assistant Athletic Director, James Peters
In this installment of Saints Spotlight, we talked with boys soccer coach Sergio Durate, who started the BRAUSA United Futebol Club along with current girls soccer coach Adauto Neto in 2015. 

Coming to America: “I worked for Esporte Clube Vitoria, which is a well known first Division Soccer Club in Brazil. In 1996 and 1997 we were invited to come to the USA to play in the Dallas Cup Super Group, which is the most important soccer tournament in the USA,” Durate said. “After winning both years, I was invited to return and take a position at Millsaps College as an assistant coach, also Director of Coaching for JFC Soccer Club. After a few years, I became an American citizen.”

Following in his footsteps: “My father played professionally, so I was  inspired by him to do the same, so I played until under 20,” Durate said. “After that I decided to go back to school to get my major in Physical Education and get specialized in Performance and got my first soccer coaching license.”

When not coaching at Concordia: Duarte is the Vice President and Director of Coaching for Brausa. Duarte said: “Through Brausa we have been giving a lot of opportunities to kids who love the game and are seeking for a better opportunity in the future. Here we develop players to college and professional levels.” According to the Brausa website, the program has brought more than 25 Brazilian youth soccer players to the United States while also taking youth squads from the United States to Brazil to play there.

Golden Goals: “Our goals are to play beautiful games, represent the school, families, and themselves with dignity and respect (as well as) get to the playoffs and move forward as much as we can,” Duarte said.