Once a Saint, always a Saint

Welcome Baltimore Lutheran and Concordia Prep alumni!

Your time as a member of the Baltimore Lutheran-Concordia Prep community doesn’t end upon graduation. In 1969 the first group of Saints graduated from then Baltimore Lutheran School. Since then over 3,500 have joined the ranks of proud Saints alumni. The work we do here is God’s work by providing a foundation for our students to grow spiritually, academically, and socially. For the past several years, we have seen unprecedented growth in all areas including academics, athletics, admissions, and most importantly our commitment to bringing students closer to Jesus.

Please let us hear from you. Concordia Prep needs the involvement of its outstanding alumni to continue to its important work.

Concordia Prep welcomes all alumni to engage with us in whatever capacity they choose. A great place to start is by updating your contact information so you don’t miss out on events and opportunities.

Mark Your Calendars

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Distinguished Alumni - Athletic Hall of Fame

    • This year's Distinguished Alumni and Athletic Hall of Fame inductees are pictured from left: Ms. Pam Hess Schirmer ’76, Ms. Jordan Certeza Putney ’09, Mr. Joel Armes ’07, Ms. Jessica Waicker ’97, Dr. David Hughes ’97, Mr. Brandon Hardesty ’05, and Ms. Suzanne Giguere ’88. Mr. John Nunes, Jr. ’12 was not present at the ceremony.

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  • 2023 Distinguished Alumni and Hall of Fame

    Distinguished Alumni: Ms. Suzanne Giguere ‘88, Mr. Brandon Hardesty ’05, Dr. David Hughes ‘97, Ms. Jessica Waicker ‘97

    Athletic Hall of Fame: Mr. Joel Armes ‘07, Mr. John Nunes, Jr. ‘12 (not present at the ceremony), Ms. Jordan Certeza Putney ‘09, and Ms. Pam Hess Schirmer ’76.
  • 2022 Distinguished Alumni and Hall of Fame

    Distinguished Alumni: Dr. Samfee G.K. Doe ’07, Rev. Dr. William Harmon ’90

    Athletic Hall of Fame: Mr. Paul Foelber ’05, Mr. Robert (Bob) Przybylsk ’80, Mr. Larry Reed – Coach, Ms. Ashley Wade ’05, Ms. Michele Caple Woodson ‘01
  • 2021 Distinguished Alumni and Hall of Fame

    Distinguished Alumni: Dr. David Bushman ’81, Dr. Conard Failinger ’73, Dr. Mark Failinger ’75, Ms. Deborah Frech ’77, Dr. Ann Failinger ’74, Dr. Leigh Goedeke ’05, Dr. Thomas Failinger ’77, Rev., Dr. David Maack ‘75

    Athletic Hall of Fame: Mr. Lawrence “Jay” Davis ’01, Ms. Meghan Lepley Blundon ’08, Mr. Adam Ernst ’01, Mr. Thomas McLemore ’92, Ms. Alora Gullivan Woods ’08, Mr. Keith Voelker ’69, Ms. Amanda Lentsch-Whitley ’02, Ms. Candace Weinreich Knott ’00, Mr. Thomas Lentsch (coach)
  • 2020 Distinguished Alumni and Hall of Fame

    Due to COVID-19 the inductees from 2020 were honored at the ceremony in 2021.
  • 2019 Distinguished Alumni and Hall of Fame

    Distinguished Alumni: Mr. John Borth ’81, Mrs. Liana Chotikul 79, Mr. William Dash ’92, Ms. Catharine Paules ‘03

    Athletic Hall of Fame: Mr. Gary Barth ’75, Mr. Ronald Seymour ’82, Ms. Melanie Nolet ’89, Ms. Alison Maier ‘02
  • 2018 Athletic Hall of Fame

    Athletic Hall of Fame: Ms. Susan Barry-'84, Aimee Chotikul-'09, John Dennis-'84, Thomas King-'82, Kelley Null Steirer-'02, John Rattray-'11, James Struder-'07, Emilie Voelker Class-'79. 
  • 2016 Distinguished Alumni

    Distinguished Alumni: William Class III ’82, Jonathan Class ’86, Robert Class ’83