Academic Pathways

New for Fall 2023 – Academic Pathways

Why Join a Concordia Preparatory School Pathway?

Academically, Concordia Preparatory School offers a competitive college preparatory program. For students who enjoy increased rigor, the school encourages participation in pathways designed to prepare students for future careers in specific fields. Students enrolled in the CPS Pathways program will receive priority scheduling for courses and can participate in field-specific enrichment activities, including seminars, field trips, and/or internships. Students accepted into these programs will receive scholarships. Upon successful completion of intentional challenging coursework and pathway-specific extra-curricular opportunities, students will earn an endorsement and special designation at graduation.

General requirements for students enrolled in or applying to Pathway programs:

  • Completion of application separate from general admissions to Concordia Preparatory School
  • 9th grade students applying must take either the High School Placement Test (HSPT) or the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) and submit scores to the admissions committee.
  • Must maintain 3.00+ unweighted cumulative GPA.
  • Attend a separate orientation for the Pathway program.
  • Continuous involvement in at least one extracurricular or co-curricular activity over the course of four years
  • Service hours dedicated to single cause or theme for four years.
  • Attendance at leadership seminars offered with guest speakers.
  • $300 initial fee, $200 annual fee after first year of enrollment (nonrefundable, the fee covers experiential learning opportunities and other needs associated with each program)
  • Students that don’t meet these requirements will be placed on probation and/or removed from the Pathway program.

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Advanced Mathematics Pathway

Concordia Preparatory School provides a unique journey into the depths of mathematics and its real-world applications. Through a carefully curated curriculum, immersive learning experiences, and avenues for professional growth, the Advanced Math Pathway lays the foundation for budding enthusiasts in mathematics, physics, and engineering. By empowering students to harness their potential, this program cultivates a passion for analytical exploration, innovative thinking, and practical problem-solving, setting them on a path to excel in these disciplines

Entry Requirements

  • Enrolled in Algebra 2 as a 9th grade student.
  • Required courses to complete while enrolled:

Honors Pre-Calc Honors Physics AP Calc AB
AP Physics C AP Calc BC AP Stats
Must be an active member of the Maryland Math League
At least 3 years of German AP Computer Science (Principles)

Health Sciences Pathway

Concordia Preparatory School has a long history of launching students into careers in the health sciences. Recognizing the ever-increasing need for healthcare professionals, Concordia Preparatory School has created the Health Sciences Pathway to provide essential and fundamental courses to further the student along the path to careers in medicine, nursing, and physical/ occupational therapy.

Entry Requirements

  • Enrolled in Biology and minimally Algebra 1 as a 9th grade student.
  • Required courses to complete while enrolled:

Biology Anatomy Chemistry
Forensics AP Bio Pre-Calc
AP Chem At least 3 years of Latin or Spanish

Saints Honors Pathway

The Saints Honors pathway provides students with the opportunity to enroll in honors and Advanced Placement (AP) level courses across a broad spectrum of disciplines. AP and Dual-Credit courses are available during the sophomore, junior, and senior years and would enable students to receive college credit. There will be a variety of professional seminars that will give students in this pathway the opportunity to explore a variety of future careers.

Entry Requirements

  • Must enroll in at least one Honors level course as a 9th grader.
  • Honors Pathway students are expected to choose 10 Honors and AP-level options for core subjects from the following available offerings:

Honors Intro to Literature Honors Survey of World Literature AP English Language
AP English Literature Honors World History I AP European or World History
AP US History Honors Geometry Honors Algebra 2
Honors Pre-Calculus Honors Calculus AP Statistics
AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC Physics
AP Physics C Anatomy & Physiology Honors Chemistry
AP Chemistry AP Computer Science A AP Music Theory
Level IV or V of a Foreign Language

Computer Science Pathway

Launching in Fall of 2024 – To respond to the ever-changing landscape of information technology and its responsible use, Concordia Preparatory School offers the Computer Science Pathway. Students in this program will learn essential programming languages and explore various techniques in design and interfacing as well as media production. Skills acquired can lead students to pursue careers in such fields as: web design, game/app development, and network or cybersecurity.

Entry Requirements

  • Enrolled in Geometry at the 9th grade level.
  • Students are required to complete the following courses:
AP Computer Science Principles AP Computer Science A Honors/AP Calculus
3 years of foreign language (German preferred)

  • Students will choose at least four of the following electives:
Introduction to Python Web Design Digital Media Production
App Development
Game Design Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
Additional offerings as available