Academics Overview

Students graduating from Concordia Prep are prepared academically, socially, and spiritually as they continue the next phase of their lives.

A Small School with Big Opportunities

Concordia Prep offers outstanding educational opportunities in and out of the classroom at both the Middle School level (grades 6-8) and Upper School level (grades 9-12). Taught by a dedicated group of over 40 educators who share the mission and values of the school, the faculty enhances student growth through interactive classes and activities. Small classes, group projects, and individual attention help students achieve academic goals and nurture personal growth.

The Middle School curriculum is designed to flow seamlessly into the Upper School, although Middle School students with advanced skills may test into upper-level math and foreign language.

The school offers Honors, AP, and Dual Credit courses for students who are prepared to challenge themselves academically. *New for the fall of 2023, Concordia Prep is launching three academic pathways in Mathematics, Health Sciences, and an Honors track – Visit the Academic Pathways page to learn more

In addition to the school’s robust academic offerings, Concordia Prep offers and outstanding experience in arts education including courses in visual arts, theatre arts, and instrumental and vocal arts. Visit the “Arts” section of the website to learn more.

Concordia Prep fosters a learning environment that serves the whole student. The Giguere program is designed for college-bound students with diagnosed learning differences.

Course Catalog