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Student Assistance and Resource Department – The Giguere Program

The Giguere Program (formerly the STAR program) is designed for college-bound students with diagnosed learning differences. The program aims to ensure students with academic accommodations are offered those for classroom support and assessments. Additionally, Giguere provides resources and study strategies to promote skills assisting students to succeed independently at higher education levels. Giguere promotes each student’s individual strengths and fosters an environment of inclusive excellence. The Giguere Program is named for Mrs. Irene Giguere, who started the program at Concordia Prep in 1975.

The Concordia Track

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  • Students in this Track are enrolled in the “Concordia Skills” class for credit.

  • During an academic cycle, students receive executive function and academic skills instructions as appropriate and needed as well as time to complete assessments. Students also receive one-on-one homework/study help during this class period.

  • Students are graded on assignments that they receive in the Concordia Skills course.

  • Students receive graded instruction on organization, time management, note-taking, study strategies, writing, reading comprehension, testing skills, self-advocacy, and stress management.

The Saints Track

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  • Students receive accommodations in school as outlined in their individual Concordia Prep learning plan.

  • Students receive individual check-ins when a student has a grade lower than 70%.

  • Students who have additional time on assessments listed in their plan may use Giguere office hours to complete their assessments.

  • Tests may be taken in the Testing Center when scheduled in advance.

For More Information, Contact:

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  • Photo of Emily Welbourn

    Mrs. Emily Welbourn 

    Director of Giguere
  • Photo of Stephen Berger

    Mr. Stephen Berger 

    Director of Admissions, Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse Coach

Admissions Procedures for the Giguere Program

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  • Prospective students are required to participate in a shadow day and complete an interview with the program director.

  • Students who apply for the Giguere Program do not apply for a specific track. They apply for the program. The program director will make a recommendation for which track students are enrolled.

  • Students are required to submit at least one of the following: IEP, 504 plan, educational psychological evaluation (completed within the last two years).

  • Students/families are required to keep evaluations current (no more than three years from issue date).

  • Students must submit a psychological educational evaluation to apply for SAT/ACT accommodations.

  • Middle school students are required to enroll in the Concordia Track.