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Saints' Spotlight – New Volleyball Coach Brionna Coleman

Assistant Athletic Director, James Peters
In this first installment of Saints Spotlight, we would like to welcome first-year varsity volleyball coach Brionna Coleman, who took the reins of the program along with assistant coach Shannan Hitchens this fall.

Stepping her way to Concordia Prep: “Coach Jordan Woods, he introduced me to the Saints football team and the profound insight of the culture of Concordia Prep,” said Coleman on what led her to Concordia. “I was sold when the opportunity presented itself at one of the football games to become the step coach. Since I am a founder of two Step Organizations (E-Town Stompers, D2D Step Team), I thought this would be yet another great opportunity to give back to the youth.”

Hustle, hit, and never quit: “My goals for this season would have to be to stay consistent with everything that volleyball has to offer,” Coleman said. “We have to communicate, hustle, show aggression, and be masters of the game. I would love to finish in the top three of our conference but don’t be mistaken, we are going for it all. I have so much to learn and have been blessed with a great group of student-athletes who’ve made this too easy.” 

“I must govern the clock, not be governed by it.”: “The ability to control time, allowing me to halt, go backwards, go forward or accelerate it,” said Coleman of her most wanted super power, making her sound similar to former Israeli prime minister Golda Meir and her famous quote above. “I would be able to fully control any circumstance whether or not I was involved in it.”

Favorite food: Shrimp egg rolls

Best playing moment: Hitting her first collegiate home run at Virginia Union University, where she played third base from 2016-2020. The round tripper came following a pair of swings and misses.